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We offer a wide range of first aid courses via different delivery methods

Sports Matrix is pleased to offer a range of course delivery modes which have been designed to provide flexibility to meet the differing needs of course participants and clients. Each delivery method has elements which will appeal to different student groups and importantly, it is not a one size fits all approach. You can consider what approach would suit best.

Blended Training

Students complete some online learning prior to the face to face training and assessment. All topics are covered in the face to face session along with all assessment elements. This delivery method is the most popular as it suits all learner types and strikes a balance between course duration and classroom-based learning.


Online Training with Face to Face Assessment

This delivery method is best suited to returning students who are confident in learning online. The knowledge content and theory assessment is delivered through our SMA online learning system, before attending a short face to face practical assessment. It is essential that students have access to a reliable computer and internet access.


Face To Face Training

All elements of the training and assessment are delivered in the face to face setting. This is the longest duration of training and offers students the maximum opportunity to interact with the trainer delivering the information.


Refresher Training

Students must hold a current certificate in the course being delivered. This delivery method involves the same face to face component as blended training, however students do not need to complete pre-course work due to their existing skills and knowledge.


Online Training 

Some of our courses are offered online. To ensure you know the specific requirements for the course, please read and understand the information found on the relevant course page of our website. For any of our online courses you will require a smart phone or camera attached to your computer or tablet, to video yourself completing the practical assessment requirements.

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